Project: Mayhem is a fast paced platformer where you play as Mayhem, a biologically engineered weapon of mass destruction, trying to escape the clutches of his evil clones and, his creator, the mad scientist. During his escape Mayhem will run, jump and slide his way around obstacles such as spikes, electricity and the many forms of his evil clones.

Can you make it?

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  • 135 levels spanning 2 game modes.
  • 4 medals per level that will reward you accordingly.
  • Unique and intuitive touch screen controls.
  • Ability to customize controls.
  • Vivacious yet elegantly crafted music.
  • Gorgeous artwork that leads you through the story of Mayhem.
  • Game Center achievements and leaderboards.
  • An in game store where you can spend your hard earned Mayhem Bucks to purchase accessories, gadgets and much much more.



  • “If you’re looking for an app that is easy to get in to, and will keep you saying ‘Just one more time’,
    then Project: Mayhem is a solid choice.” – Uncle Nick’s Pizza
  • “Encouraging reckless platforming is a great thing, especially when you aren’t afforded the expert precision of physical controls. Project: Mayhem takes a great sub-genre and moves it with style.” – JayIsGames
  • “There’s virtually nothing to this game. It’s incredibly easy to pick up and play, but don’t be
    deceived: there’s a significant hardcore element here.” –
  • “I have never been a fan of platformers on the iOS (for control reasons), but
    Project: Mayhem changed my mind.” –
  • Project: Mayhem is one of the most challenging and satisfying puzzle
    platformers available on iOS.” – AppTudes
  • “Looking for a platformer that will test your skills? Project: Mayhem
    should do the trick.” – AppAdvice
  • ‎”Project: Mayhem is advertised as a game that screams one more time once you stop
    playing, and I must say it lived up to that title.” – Lowdown Magazine
  • Project: Mayhem is a straight-forward and satisfying
    platformer.” – iPhone.appstorm